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Tired of your WooCommerce store crashing when you do a sale?

You prepare that marketing campaign.
Your inventory is full.
You send that email blast with 50% off on everything, bracing for a tsunami of orders…

And your site crumbles under load.

That sinking feeling of knowing your site is unresponsive while you have a ton of customers ready to buy your product is unbearable. And you know they won’t come back after that email blast if the site is down.

why is your server unstable?

The problem with traditional hosting is that sales are cyclical. Your server is either overloaded and crashes or you pay for it to do nothing.

Sounds familiar? You're not alone.

  • Wouldn’t you like a WooCommerce host that can handle your store under any kind of load?
  • A host capable of handling your sales, Black Friday, Boxing Day without even thinking about it?
  • A host that automatically grows your capacity as your e-store needs for power varies throughout the day?
  • Would you like to never miss a sale because your site is too slow?

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Shopify customers don’t think about vCPUs, RAM. Neither should you.

Other hosts drawn you in specs, buzz words and things Shopify users don’t have to think about.

At Woogo Cloud offers a unique solution in the market to that problem:

We remove the servers from the equation.

In fact, this page you’re reading right now doesn’t come from one.

Powered by Amazon AWS, we put your site on their serverless platform.
With us, your site can scale from 1 customer to 10,000 in a matter of seconds.

It won’t crash. It won’t slow down.

And you will just keep getting those orders in.

We hope your fulfilment can keep up…

The All-in-one VIP WooCommerce Hosting Solution

All our clients get all the bells and whistles. There are no complicated and confusing pricing page here with a bunch of options your cousin Eddy is telling you you need.

You get all the options.

It’s an all inclusive VIP experience here!

We’re pretty sure you don’t want to be bored with the details but here they are:

Concierge Service

White glove treatment awaits you at Woogo Cloud.

Does moving from your current host seem complicated? And expensive?
We’ll do it personally for free.

We’re so confident you’ll enjoy Woogo Cloud we’re willing to migrate you back to your old host at no cost if you are not satisfied.

Dedicated Engineer

You’ll get a dedicated engineer working with you, available at all time to address your questions and concerns. You get real support at Woogo Cloud with your engineer who understands the challenges of WooCommerce Hosting.

Our team have more than 30 years of dev-ops and WordPress experience. You’re in good hands and we’re pretty sure our support will blow your mind.

Testimonials from customers who sleep well at night

Easy Hosting, Easy pricing

The only pay-as-you-go WooCommerce hosting solution

1% + 30c / order

monthly minimum of $49

That's it.

* Using WordPress but not WooCommerce? We can help you! Contact us!

What makes us Different?

Real Serverless

Whether you’re dealing with a sudden spike in traffic or a gradual increase in users, serverless will instantly allocate the necessary resources to handle the increased demand from 0 to +10,000 concurrent users, without any disruption to your services.

Top-Shelf Security

Serverless also offers cost savings and improved security, making it the ideal solution for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing market.

Lighting Fast Speed

Leverage the power of Amazon AWS and unleash lightning-fast speed for your website with the power of edge caching and serverless technology.

Fully Managed

We save you time, resources and headaches by managing updates, versioning and rollbacks.


Highly skilled engineers with more than 30 years of experience combined running the state of the art dev-ops for WooCommerce businesses.

Never think about hosting again, let's get in touch!

Let’s chat to see how Woogo Cloud can help you never lose a sale to a server going down.